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Art Fair This Weekend

April 19, 2016

I have been traveling a lot, and when I do I paint! I like to used 22″x 28″  prepared sheets  of  150 lb paper. It’s light weight, especially when I  tape it to a sheet of foam core. When I fly I order then paper have it shipped directly to where I’m going, and  ship them back to me when I head for home. I now have in inventory 38 paintings.

Now how do I sell them!   I will be participating in an indoor art fair this weekend.

I will be at the 47th Annual Art fair at the North Shore Unitarian Church 2100 Half Day Road, Deerfield Illinois.

Saturday April 23 10am -6pm and Sunday April 24th 11am-5pm. Hope you can stop by, and let me know you saw my blog!

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Back From My Eastern Trip

July 20, 2015

Top of the Hill 180I got back  2 weeks ago after spending almost 3 weeks in the Catoctin Mountains. My plein air work was done on Arches 150lb paper for oil.  The paper sucked up the paints quickly ( there was no rubbing off if you wanted to remove something) and once on the paper the paint could not be moved around. I shipped my paintings back rather then trying to fly with them.

I was standing on the top of the Catoctin Mountain range looking over towards the Appalachian / Blue Ridge Mountains and looking down on the town of Myersville. That very dark cloud ended up being directly over my head when it decided to let loose, so I grabbed the painting, left my open easel and ran for cover. The rain lasted 5 minutes then I was able to finish.

I’m Here!

July 28, 2014

My experience in the Catoctin Mountains was mixed; mainly due to the heat. It’s taken over a month to fully recover.

It is a beautiful area and driving the less traveled roads lead to many WOW discoveries.

I think I will apply to residencies in areas further south of where I reside for the fall and winter experiences.

Slope 180On Top

I was able to drive to an area on top, and from my jutting point capture the slope going down. I love all the rocks; I took hundreds of photos of their textures and color and will develop them into an encaustic series after I finish with my Sky Meets Water Series.

Lovely day in the Catoctin’s

June 15, 2014

The rains blew the humid rather warm weather away. It was a beautiful day,with a vast varience in the cool and warm tones. I painted in a spot that had me looking down a side of a hill. Where Iwas standing there were cool shades and looking down was a fern slope flooded with sun light.

It was a bit of a challenge  to portray  to viewer the steep downward motion  of the landscape in all it’s bright glory , but I feel I achieved success!

In the Afternoon I went  to visit the Granville Falls State Park, it was very crowded, and muddy due to  the rain yesterday.

Tomorrow I plan on hiking part of the Applacian Trail.

Catoctin Mountains

June 14, 2014

I am currently in the Catoctin Mountains. The weather has been rainy for the past few days, so I have been looking at spots where I would like to paint. Yesterday I painted a view from my window. This morning I ventured out in a thick fog to find a lower area not in the clouds and was successful.I am hoping the rain did not affect the adherence of the paint, but I was willing to risk it, to be outdoors feeling the wind and breathing the fresh air.

I will not be able to post images until I find a Best Buy; I left my camera cord at home! I have got to do better in packing!