Art Dinner: 5 artists, 5 course Dinner

On March 26th I will be part of the Art Experience Dinner at the Arboretum Club Buffalo Grove.This evening you experience fine dining with a five course dinner : each course will be complimented with one of the 5 artists. I will be featured along with 4 other artists.
As each course is served the artist will rotate to a new table, so that by evenings end you will have dined with all 5 of us. You will have an opportunity to learn how each artist sees the world and where their inspiration comes from. Being able to learn the “back story” of art pieces gives the viewer a whole new understanding. The structure of the evening assures each patron the chance to ask questions about the content and creation. At the end of the evening you will have an opportunity to purchase these select works from this diverse collection of fine art!

Featured artists will be: Elwira Pioro, Leo Tagalis, Dean Caminiti, Donna Sands, and Sue Thomson! For more information on our Artists, visit: Colors

Contrasting Colors 36″x36″ oil on canvas
One of 5 pieces I will be showing at the Artists Dinner.

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