Hot Springs

I just got back from Hot Springs. I was inspired to try the rails by a friend, so I went by Amtrak.  I remember right after Obama’s first election he was putting federal funds together for states to use to fix our infra structure..One of the issues was our rail system.  Many states choose not to take the funding!

Our passenger rails uses freight rails to get us from one city to another. Unfortunately what happens is if there is a freight train coming by   the passenger train is instructed to pull off and wait for it to pass. This resulted in a hour late getting where I was going and  an hour and half delay getting on my return train.  It would have taken 12 hours to drive to my destination of Hot Springs Arkansas..but by rail it was 15 PLUS hours.

In Europe a watch can be set by the trains, it is just sad!

Changes need to be made!


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