Wedding Reception Painting Completed

Just finished a very special painting that had it’s start on December 22, at the Arrowhead Country Club in Wheaton, IL.

The parents of the bride-to-be asked if I would create this special keepsake for their daughter and new son-in-law…and this labor of love is now finished.

Note how I have the perspective slanted upward, like a Matisse painting, to allow for more recognizable figures in the painting.

This is just one of the exclusive paintings I have been honored to be commissioned to do. It all started several years ago when I received an email inquiring if I would be interested in painting a wedding reception. The first was held at the University Club in Chicago.

With the initial request, I gave it some thought, asked questions, considered expectations and then agreed to do it. My business card was available on the table where I was painting, and several people stopped to watch me and to take my card for the future.

This finished painting represents a new, exciting and one-of-a-kind
gift. I look forward to the next opportunity.

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