A Pep Talk

As this year comes to it’s conclusion and we look back at our accomplishments: we can assess what we could have or would have changed, if given the chance.

We’ve all accomplished many things, jumped through hoops and have continued on our course. I too will experience days where I question the decisions I have made; the best thing to do is to have a cup of coffee with a friend. I did that yesterday.

My friend is a photographer, who has a muscular degenerative disease, and now only has one good eye. But he is still taking stunning photos. Talking to him is a definite spirit lifter; his ability to laugh and see the humor in situations makes light of many of life’s hurdles. When we were finished I went to my studio, and ignored the computer which has occupied my time for the last 2 months as I search for and write grants and business plans for The Visiting Artist Program, my not for profit organization.

I had a canvas ready and got to work. By 9 pm I had a 40 x 40 inch painting is almost done! It really feels good!

List your yearly accomplishments. You will be really happy with how much you did!

To ART… the root of all culture!


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