My week of creativity and adventure

Going to an island creates many different adventures. I have just returned from Washington Island in Door County, Wisconsin. I usually go the last week of June, but this year, due to unforeseen circumstances I went in the fall. It was beautiful.

When I arrived the treetops were just starting to turn, but because of the very cool nights, in 6 days they were dressed in full splendor. The down side…the days are shorter so there were not the long hours to paint.

I’d wake up at 5 and start looking out the window for an sign of mornings arrival, at the first sign around 6 it was time to make the coffee, get on warm clothes and be ready to set up outside by 6:30.

At 6:45 it was show time. The sun would be just rising; a mist would be covering the ground the glory of the new day would start. This would give us an hour and 15 minuets to paint before we meet with the group,in June there would be 2 and half hours of early morning delight.

So to accommodate this shortened morning painting time I worked on small 6×6 painting sketches on gessoed 140 lb. paper.

Washington Island View

These studies are quick to capture the feeling of the moment …


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