I am currently attempting a large painting and working to create fog. When I think I have completed a piece I bring it up out of my lower level studio space and look at it in natural sunlight. I’m not happy with it.

None of my work leaves the house without my 16-year-old daughter critiquing it.
She is an honest critic and I value her opinion. She took one look at my fog painting and said, “it’s nice, who painted it?”

I had used my regular palette, but because I used a lot of white, it’s not recognizably my painting! Also it has very soft brush strokes. So back to the studio with it. (I decided it would be wise to reference Wolf Kahn’s work, and see how he interpreted fog.)

The palette I use originates with Wolf Kahn. He started his career as an abstract expressionist painter, having studied with Hans Hoffman. It was from Hoffman that he experienced the use of wonderful color. Matisse having worked with him in Paris before the out break of WWII influenced Hoffman. Wolf Kahn then applied his palette to landscapes.

As you try new things, they don’t always work out, but trying will keep your pieces looking fresh and exciting.


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